Now everyone wants to learn some thing new and it is only possible if you will be connected with the different-different people and co-working space can increase the chances of this connectivity because it is the place where the different people from different background will sit and work together .

Co-working is also best for the startup’s and the freelancers because here they can easily get the partnership for them and they can easily enhance their knowledge and the business too that why now a days all the people are moving towards a co-working.

If you want to rent a office space for your new startup’s company so it will be costly for you but by the help of the co-working space you can easily get the same kind of space at reasonable pricing and here you can also get the many more facilities like hi-speed internet,comfortable chairs and table, peaceful working environment.

I also working under a one of the co-working space in Madurai, that is a common desk and here I am learning a lot that how to run any business, how to solve any problem, how to make a social network with other person and all.

From A recently Graduated startup moved from JayaVilla11


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