Nowadays People are really afraid to like and share even attend community events happened in & around Madurai,Also students from this region not much aware about happenings in startup space and end up in paid projects like payroll process or some xyz management application…

So to make aware the society and fellow MadurITs we hardly try from local media to global new agencies,
Earlier we got successfully featured few madurai startups and fellow eco-system members as well even though they think we are their competitors,as startups each one their own race, our race on build more bootstrap startups and reduce dependency on techies and investors as a self-sustained eco-system.

For that ,recently we announced our co work space arrangements coverage news via and surprise is few got angered on such coverage as well.

Long live bravehearts,no one can’t hide your presence like local media & influenced mentors do ,if you work hard you’ll find a way to glow.

Wish you all have a happy week-end.