Why we need Co-working Space,Shared Office in Madurai?

The purpose of this group is to build a community of available Co-working & Co-living Spaces in Madurai so that startups or entrepreneurs can find nearby co-working & Co-living spaces. Co-working & Co-living space owners in Madurai can post about their co-working or Co-living spaces in this group or startups who are looking for co-working or Co-living spaces can post their requirements in this group.

We are young, we are new and we are a Co-working Space! J@y@vill@ caters to start-ups/SMEs/freelancers who are looking for a contemporary office space.

What is a Co-working Space?

A “community of working professionals” is a Co-Working Space. Often start-ups, SME’s or freelancers work in such a place. It is an alternative style of working where one can be sitting next to a person from a totally different firm or a freelancer with different ideas and thought processes. The spaces itself are designed to be interactive and social.

Why Co-working Spaces?

A co-working space is a melting pot of diverse people with various skills and professional networks. It is an exciting synergy to see when people come together and merely start talking to each other – while working independently for themselves as well!

Many working professionals face boredom and distractions at home. Coworking spaces offers a solution to the problem of isolation and in turn help businesses grow by helping people to connect and network with peers who will help motivate and even create opportunities.

“Coworking spaces help businesses succeed”. Period.

Why J@y@vill@?

J@y@vill@ is in a way Madurai’s first Coworking & Co-living Space which is very simple in style but keeping in mind the basic requirements for a start-up. As at the end of the day whoever it is, one would like to host clients or even have a presentation/event at their own office space.

We had some of the brightest minds put our space together.

The location itself of the space is something we feel is a great add-on for our clients. You are surrounded by some of the best restaurants & cafes in the city. We have exclusive deals for you in those as well on soon.

If you don’t have your own vehicle, then the commute is something which may not bother you too much. We’re

o 5 mins from the nearest bus stop

o 10 min from the nearest railway station

o 15-20 mins from the airport

If that doesn’t do it for you, then we would love to host you at our place and show you around with some coffee to go with it. Do pay us a visit.

Our address and location are on our page. Give us a call if you have trouble finding the place.

For people who are already interested and are wondering what the costs are like to get a space at J@y@vill@ then please do send us an email or just pick up your phone and give us a call.

Check our locations and phone numbers on our Facebook page. But we will be very happy to host you as we are operational. Hope to see you soon!