Why did we do? What we get?

When we start startups monthly meet ups, participants, entrepreneurs used to ask us the below questions,

1. How you gonna build a sustainable business model for your meet ups?

2. What projection you have? Your revenue generation model?

3. What you will do if participants only look for networking & sales in your events? And no knowledge sharing or contributions.

4. Why there is no repeated audience or why you always have same crowd blah blah

5. Do you have investors? Do you have mentors? Do you have sponsors? How much money you make? How much you earned by organizing these meet ups?

Answer from our side: “Maintaining Silence”

Now our turn:-

1. We are running the show for our cITy startups connect. If someone ask how much you earn by doing a meetup activity. That really hurts us as a volunteer driven by time,money and non-membership based. But i take this as our way of channel creation to emerging startups to reach at least 1000-2000 fellow city based consumers with zero cost marketing if they are response enough.

2. Why i should bring investors? Search, talk, discuss, throw your concepts & ideas. Bring them on board. Even if you cannot pull an investor why you do business?

3. You are not even sharing your business card with the person sitting next to you. Do you think you can do business?

4. Why mentors should come & serve you? Are they you paid employee? Why not you spend your time & energy to find a best mentor for your business. The failed entrepreneur can be a best mentor for you. why you ask us? it is the wish of every participant to continue their visit to our meet ups. As we don’t sell anything or having any hidden agenda. we don’t bother whether we have 2 participants or 200.

5. We just want to initiate a discussion. Lets form a healthy forum having no hidden agenda. We started for a cITy cause. The truth behind the cause will pull genuine & passionate Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors & Associates to build a community that uplift our city & impact the employment within city.

Happy to know that our meet ups had created healthy discussions about City Strength, Unique business model, Networking strategies, Inspiring young entrepreneurs, New networking groups. Etc.

We are happy to move forward. Thank you very much for our energetic supporters & team.