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  Hello everyone, I am Vijay sudarsanam from  Madurai. Recently, There was a startup meetup in Madurai, where  the entrepreneurs Were trying to showcase their products & To get investment from Madurai Angel Network who are hailed form Madurai & Settled in Valley & I went to write the PR, like a journalist.

It was been arranged at JC residency, It was around 3-4Kms from my home. It was a 3-star hotel & It was the first time for me to see such an  Majestic hotel at Madurai. I went inside, There was a woman sitting at reception, she guided me to inside the event. It was already 4:40, I was late about 10 minutes. First was registration where there was a man wearing spectacles with a formal wear, was unable to write my long name. After finishing my registration I went Inside, the chairs were arranged in away similar to the place where IPL auction takes place. I was little panicked & sat in the audience row. Siva came & smiled me at once told me to sit at the round table. I was feared because everyone was Entrepreneurs & i was the odd man out. Volunteers were hard workers, They were making arrangement for the event. This was the product startups showcase event happening at Madurai with MaduraiStartups community initiative. Near me, there were two men sitting with an formal wear. They were looking me odd & I was also looking at them. Everyone assembled, Time was already 5:30, which was too late. Every entrepreneur& including me were eager to meet Indian Angel Investor Mr.Venkatesh CR & Aravind SP came. Everyone was fascinated to meet them. Everyone Meet them & CRV was looking at me  & called me since i was too young to be an entrepreneur. He called me & I Introduced my self. Then most awaited chief guest Mr.PTR Thiagarajan entered the room &  sat along with other guests. Then the event commenced  by the welcome address, by a volunteer Keerthana. She stressed about  the event & first speech was from MR. PTR .He was such an educated man who completed his management degree at London & worked as an independent consultant. I wonder that How would a politician to speak in front of entrepreneurs but once he starts with his
wide knowledge i feel He was such a stuffed person who knew about the Indian economy & Its structure. He was very fascinated about west economy & It’s growth. He was very detail oriented on investments and startup eco system that He is update with the industry & finance happenings across world. He spoke around 45 minutes.It was like greek & latin to me because I was an engineering student, I did not knew anything about economy. He finished his speech. After that  their was a business pitch of various Entrepreneurs. First was Mr. Uma Shankar Founder of FreeFamousFood. He first started in Singapore where he had an great potential market. Free foods had no restaurant but they had around 5000 subscriptions. They were first at the google without seo .He ended with an need of huge investment. I was so hungry, after that there was an small break of snacks. Next business pitch was Balanethra Technologies,which was about a MOSY software used by tractors to replace normal equipment. He was not much clarity about his software & investor was not also convinced by him. Next was crispy Idly Italy which   was provided  as snacks for all of us.He started his pitch as one of the innovative product & the crispiness would continue to stay for 2hrs. He got applause from investors & audience. Next was the speech from Mr CR venkatesh, CEO of DotComInfoway & Madurai based angel investor. He Invested with couple of start-ups. He is the CEO to Galata & Magzter. He spoke about the requirements of an Entrepreneur before approach investor. His speech was meaningful & was precious to others. The speech was over by around 7:30.I was very eager on Idly fries which was very crispy to eat. Event ended i left the hall by 8:00 & went out .I remembered the event , It was one of the nostalgic memory.

Couple of Other healthcare products also showcased like HiGenie & NurseAid get good audience response and Investor panel advised to reach out them post events after fixing the feedback.

Guest Blog Written By our Volunteer Vijay (Final Year BE Mech @Kamaraj College Of Engg.) VijaySudarsanam98 { at }

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